Love, Chocolate & An Empire!

We know that there are many different levels when it comes to being a chocolate lover.  Some enjoy a sweet treat now and then, while some chocolate lovers may crave a rich, decadent treat daily, and some chocolate lovers have made it their profession! In fact, a friend of mine, Peggy Williams, decided that her love of chocolate was so great she was going to start a chocolate making business, and that she did!!  Peggy started her chocolate business probably about 5 years ago now.  She started out in a small shop but within the first year moved into a slightly larger one and from there continued to make a name for herself as one of the best chocolate makers in Machesney Park, IL.  Her store “Chocolate Foundations” has multiple best of the community awards, has an ever growing clientele, and is home to some of the most delicious, fudge, truffles, and all things chocolate you can think of.

 She also offers personalized wrappers for bars and such should you want to do a fundraiser, use her chocolate as a party favor etc. She delivers her chocolate all over Machesney Park and even has a fleet of what she calls chocolate mobiles!  Peggy is not only a dear friend of mine but is genuinely a great chocolate artist and creative at that.  To market her business she wanted to step outside of the box and reach people in a way that would make them remember her to try her chocolate and then once they tried her delicious creations stand out in their mind.  Her chocolate is thus wrapped in bright colored wrappers, some with a simple well wish, and some with wishes of love and happiness.  So what did Peggy Williams from Machesney Park, IL do?  She enlisted Mid Coast Customs vinyl wrappers to wrap her fleet of chocolate mobiles!!  What’s even better about this story is that she wrapped each car to look like one of her personalized chocolate bars!!  Needless to say she got the attention of many!!  Kids from all around Machesney Park and it’s surrounding towns look for her “chocolate mobiles” out on the roads.  Her cars vibrant beautifully vinyl wrapped art set her apart from the rest!! Add in great chocolate and Peggy is a force to be reckoned with.

Probably my favorite aspect of this story is that although Peggy has grown her love for chocolate into a well groomed business empire she still has not lost her warmth and the love she puts into her chocolate making.  Should you wish to stop by her chocolate store you will often see her in the front window making chocolate dipped strawberries, kiwi or some other delicious creation.  Her chocolate, chocolate wrappers, and her chocolate mobile fleet in its splendor warm the heart and fill your belly with greatness. She just sent me one of her chocolate making kits to try at home with my children.  With her recipe for success and the quality time I will have with my girls she has definitely warmed my heart!! Should any of you readers like to try making chocolate at home we will post a video soon so you all can try it!!  Until then if ever in Machesney Park, Illinois don’t hesitate to stop by Peggy’s store and indulge in some of the best chocolate there is to be found!