We have tried a lot of chocolate over the years, and have made a lot of recommendations based on what we have tried. Although there seems to be one common suggestions from those that have been following us, which is, “recommend something we can easily find.” Unfortunately most delicate chocolates are not easy to come by, as they are not typically found in your local connivence store. So we wanted to make a recommendation that almost anyone can try.

Lindt – A Touch of Sea Salt

For chocolate lovers who want an everyday chocolate that is easy to find at your local connivence store then Lindt’s A Touch of Sea Salt is a great option. It’s dark structure is satisfying to almost any dark chocolate lover, and it’s smooth finish with a touch of sea salt perfectly rounds the flavor. In blind taste tests that we have performed this chocolate has outperformed chocolate that is 3x the cost.

You might be surprised by what goodness is hiding at your local convienence store.