Belgian V.S. Swiss Chocolate



It’s a well known fact that most people absolutely love CHOCOLATE!  Why do we love chocolate so much?  Well other than the fact that it is delicious, it also contains theobromine which is known to increase your heart rate and promote feelings of arousal.  Let’s not forget to mention the fat and sugar found in chocolate brings feelings of contentment because the human body craves the calorie dense ingredients.   It doesn’t sound like chocolate can get much better, however, it does.  The real debate rests with which is better Belgian VS. Swiss chocolate.

   Many will agree that the truth lies in the taste preference of the chocolate eater.  That being said let’s break down the difference between these two exquisite, melt in your mouth, delicious treats.

  Switzerland is perhaps known most for it’s divine chocolate and being the creative mastermind behind the invention of milk chocolate.  The Swiss are also accredited for having the idea to add cocoa butter back to chocolate. Because of this technique as well as conching( warming chocolate and then grinding it between rollers) the texture is much smoother and creamy then other types of chocolates.  In fact Swiss chocolate was thought to be so mesmerizing it was banned for awhile in Switzerland because it was believed to be an aphrodisiac!

 Belgian chocolate on the other hand is a competitive comparison in it’s own right.  The Belgians were recognized for inventing the praline as well as chocolate truffles which can contain various decadent fillings.  The Belgian also sought to find their own source of chocolate supply and in doing so acquired the Congo.  Belgium gets virtually all of its cocoa for chocolate production from Africa still to this day.  Switzerland on the other hand, sources it’s cocoa from both Africa and South America.  Another fact that sets Belgian chocolate apart from the rest is their method of storage.  Most chocolate companies receive their chocolate in solid form and then must reheat it to melted form to use it.  The Belgian however keep the chocolate at melted temperature and have it delivered in heated tanker trucks.  This method is said to preserve more of the flavors!

There is definitely a contrast between Belgian and Swiss chocolate that allows for all taste buds to be satisfied.  For those of you chocolate lovers that crave milk chocolate, Swiss chocolate is the way to go!  Because of the way the Swiss craft their milk chocolate there is a higher milk content which makes it creamier, as well as less cocoa and more sugar.  For those of you chocolate enthusiasts that desire the bitter taste of dark chocolate, Belgian chocolate is the way to go! Belgian chocolate is produced using more cocoa giving it that bitter dark chocolate flavor.

In the end both Swiss and Belgian chocolate are desired by a multitude of chocolate lovers worldwide.  Their unique characteristics make them enjoyable and a true gift to the chocolate industry.