Marketing & Chocolate??


Chocolate brightens the souls and spirits of many with it’s delicious melt in your mouth characteristics.  In movies you’ll see women who have just gone through a breakup reach for something with chocolate in it to help cope and brighten their mood. In the movie Charlie And The Chocolate Factory poor young Charlie lived for the scrumptious taste of that sweet treat he was so fortunate to get only on his birthday.  Halloween is even based around giving chocolate to trick or treating children for the sheer joy of the sugary taste of chocolates and other candies.   Chocolate in any form has been a joy of the majority of the world for many decades and will continue it’s delicious legacy into the future.  As a matter of fact no matter where you are in the world there is chocolate to be found.  While some are more sought after versions than others it is safe to say that their are many different brands and different forms to enjoy chocolate in.  From cakes, brownies and other desserts to chocolate bars, kisses, and pieces there are versions for virtually all tastes and desires.

So knowing how great chocolate is and seeing the simple joy on people’s faces when eating it why not incorporate it into your marketing strategy for your business?  That is what a friend of mine at Pool Remodel Phoenix did!  Mark said he first had the idea of handing out a treat when he went to look at apartments for his daughter who was starting college.  In one of the leasing offices they provided a candy bar with their apartment name and logo printed on the label of each bar.  It was their take a way treat for you after viewing their amenities!!  While enjoying his chocolate bar on the way home he remarked to his daughter how they sweetened the deal by handing these candy bars out.  That is when he thought himself…”Sweeten The Deal”  not only were they providing a little extra something to say thank you for your business they were also literally sweetening the deal with choclate.  Afterall he sure was enjoying this sweet treat after apartment hunting all day.  The sugar in the chocolate was also waking him up and giving him a little sugar buzz.  So he felt great after leaving this said leasing office and why wouldn’t that stay with him while making the decision on which apartment to move his daughter into!

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