Hershey’s Chocolate


One of the most popular and famous candy bars out there is The Hershey Bar.  Whether you like the simple milk chocolate goodness of the original Hershey Bar or perhaps almonds intertwined with the famous Hershey chocolate in the Hershey bar with almonds, or simply the small delicious delight of the Hershey kiss, one thing is certain Hersheys are beloved by many. The Hershey factory finds it’s home in Hershey, Pennsylvania where the Hershey World of Chocolate also resides.  Founded in 1886 by Milton S. Hershey, Hershey chocolate has been around for over 100 years!  So how exactly did the Hershey company begin?  Milton Hershey grew up in rural Pennsylvania and was a very kind spirited boy.  He loved making people happy and found he could with chocolate!  His third attempt at a confectionary company was a caramel making facility.  There he came up with Hershey’s cocoa which made it’s debut in 1894.  Once the cocoa was out in circulation and he found how much his consumers loved his product he took it a few steps further and came up with the Hershey chocolate bar!!!

 With his success in the chocolate industry he aspired to share it with the people of his town.  He created a multitude of jobs for the town folk as well as built an incredible town system complete with trolley’s and school’s for the factory workers children.  He aspired to create a good quality of life for everyone.

Deciding that happy workers were better workers, thus creating better chocolate, Milton built Hershey Park so that his factory employees and their families could relax, unwind and have some good old family fun.  

Then in 1907 Milton had another brilliant idea regarding the production of his chocolate and that is when the hershey kiss was born! In the beginning stages of it’s chocolate debut each hershey kiss was wrapped with foil by hand!! Talk about a tedious job!  As the years went on the Hershey factory continued to succeed and it’s chocolate became a more and more loved treat.  With Milton’s success he continued to give back to society and his community.  Deciding that orphaned boys who otherwise were excluded from “polite” society needed a chance Milton built the Hershey School for Orphaned boys.  His dream was that he could give these unfortunate children an education and a chance to succeed in life when no one else would.  

In 1927 the girl scout recipe book published the first ever S’more recipe using Hershey’s chocolate.  It is said that S’mores got their name because after eating one everyone would ask for “some more”!  

Who knew the chocolate company we love so much had such an amazing story behind its success.  Milton S. Hershey left a legacy in chocolate and also in compassion for others!

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